The fun way for your kids to learn real science.

Spark a love for science in your kids with monthly hands‑on kits and educational digital experiences.

Loved by parents

Madison Gregory
Madison Gregory

“Their kits are fun, engaging, and my son can do it by himself with minimal help from me!”

Gabrielle Swasey
Gabrielle Swasey

“From the quality of the equipment to the ease of use to the fun and educating experiments have been top notch.”

Gabrielle Swasey
Michael Dinerstein

“These science kits are awesome! Easy/fun experiments for the kids with easy-to-digest step-by-step instructions and quick results.”

100+ hands-on science kits

giving you new ways to bond with your kids.

50+ unique digital experiences

making your kids’ screen-time more worthwhile.

One subscription

Hands-on kits delivered monthly to your home, plus digital experiences available anytime.

From $29.90/month.

Pause or cancel at any point.


Scientific discoveries at home

Get a monthly dose of discovery, valuable bonding-time, and fun, with over 100 hands-on science kits. But safety first. All our kits are tested in labs and certified as child-friendly and safe for home use.

STEM 5–10+
Let your kids assemble an eco-friendly microscope, launch digital space rockets from your couch, and learn through play.
Math 8–12+
Math that inspires learning! Most engaging math topics in one subscription.
Space 8–14+
Encourage your children to explore Space, launch their first rocket, and learn about the most fascinating planets
Physics 8–14+
Engage your kids to create models of everyday devices, understand how they work, and rediscover physics with virtual reality.
Chemistry 10–16+
Make memories with your kids’ first chemistry lab, conduct safe experiments, and travel inside molecules with virtual reality.

Mix and match

Different hands-on kits for every subject. Pick a topic, or mix-and-match them as you please. Do you have two kids, or just need more kits per month? Add more and save money.

Meet the first ever medical subscription for teens, students, and medicine enthusiasts!

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This is one of the most exciting and ambitious home-chemistry educational projects I’ve seen.

Chemistry World

by Royal Society of Chemistry

The classic chemistry set gets a 21st-century upgrade.


This apps for smartphones and tablets should distract kids from game consoles.


by American Chemical Society

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